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Instantly maximize your site’s potential with Cloudflare! This powerful service speeds up your site’s performance and drastically enhances your level of security.

How Does Cloudflare Hosting Work?

First of all, your domain name and website files remain on our registrar and WestHost servers respectively. Your website does not physically move, so no need to worry about that. You can imagine Cloudflare as a worldwide net of data centers, which create a secure network of superfast highways fitted with security cameras. Once a computer is requesting access to your website files, Cloudflare web hosting steps in to shield your server’s identity and to send your website files on the fastest route available relative to the user. In this way, Cloudflare acts like a delivery network, rather than regular web hosting. At the same time, the CDN hosting like system scans various data about the requesting user to identify if they are a threat or not. This way you are automatically protected from hackers and spammers.

To summarize:
All of your website traffic passes through Cloudflare’s protective filter to keep you safe from hackers or spammers, protecting your site and your customers.

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Lightning fast speeds

The Cloudflare content delivery network stores a copy of your site’s data in 35 locations worldwide, which deliver your site’s content to your customers from the closest geographic location. This cuts website loading times in half, improving your results with search engines and making your customers much happier.


Optimum performance

Cloudflare’s website optimization speeds up the delivery of each of your site’s pages to the highest of standards, and even websites with advanced content such as third-party widgets, databases and ad servers will be delivered faster. The impressive size of the Cloudflare community makes for speedy routing through intelligent channels.


Increased uptime

Cloudflare distributes exact replicas of your data to various global locations, which means your site is always backed up. If there is ever a problem at any given data center, your visitors can access your site’s data from a number of alternative locations. No more worrying about your site going offline in the event of a data center-related issue.


Iron-clad security

Cloudflare places a huge emphasis on providing the absolute highest level of security. Your Cloudflare-backed website provides a safe environment for your customers, protecting them from hackers and spammers.

What You Can Do
With Cloudflare

2 Million Fans

No traffic jams

Experience a higher volume of site visitors without any of the delays with Cloudflares intelligent routing methods. Cloudflare can absorb up to 65% of your server requests on average, saving up to 60% bandwidth.

Speed on Tap

Content at warp speed

Cloudflare will automatically cache all static files at its content delivery points around the world making your content closer and faster regardless of their global location. Cloudflares technology called ‘Anycast’ allows your visitors to be routed to the nearest content delivery point to receive your content at up to twice the regular speed.


Always Online

If for some reason your server should experience downtime, Cloudflare can help out until everything is up and running again with a limited copy of your site stored at various content delivery points around the world. Your site visitors will be able to reach your content even during an outage.

Uptime Increase Graph

99.999% Uptime

Cloudflare’s distributed network is redundancy to the max. Your content will be available under any circumstance due to their Always Online feature, meaning that you will no longer have to worry about downtime creating a seamless experience your site visitors and happier customers!

Optimized Content

Optimized web content

It essential that your site be optimized for viewing from any sized device. Cloudflares true optimization magic runs deeper than your cached content around the globe. Their optimization tools will also make sure that your site loads efficiently and quickly for tablets and mobile devices anywhere in the world giving you better search rankings and happy site visitors for FREE!

Tech Specs

Cloudflare (FREE)
Cloudflare Plus ($12.99/month)
Globally load balanced content delivery network (CDN)
Automatic static content caching
IPv6 compatibility and gateway
Always Online™
Rocket Loader
Mirage image optimization
Polish image compression
Mobile optimization
SPDY support
Reputation-based threat protection
Notify visitors on how to clean their infected machine
SSL support
Activation time
Browser support
Supports all browsers
Supports all browsers
Analytics for traffic to your site
Updated every 24 hours
Updated every 6 hours
Price (monthly / yearly)
$12.99 / $131.88

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