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Introducing the .wine domain

America has been producing wine for around three centuries. Today the tipple is made in all 50 states. More than one million acres in the USA is covered by vineyards, placing it right up there with France, Italy and Spain in the list of countries with the most vines.

People travel to America from around the world just to visit the country’s vineyards. They beeline to the west coast and California to try the Zinfandel, Pinot Noir, Syrah and Sauvignon Blanc that the region is famous for. They travel to the Rocky Mountains to sip Cab Franc and Riesling. Real wine buffs, meanwhile make the trip to Michigan and the Great Lakes to try their ice and fruit wines.

Of course it’s not just tourists who are in love with the USA’s wine. It’s estimated that the US population consumes an oceanic 949 million gallons of wine a year.

This is why the .wine domain was created. The new .com alternative has created an online space where the tipple can be celebrated, discussed and explored.

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Vineyards: There are more than 300,000 vineyards in the USA. Make yours stand out to customers from the moment your website appears in the search results with a novel and relevant wine domain.

Retailers: If you sell wine,chances are that your passion for the plonk comes across in everything you do. Go on, admit it - you own at least one mug with a wine-related pun on. Why let your website be any different? Get a .wine domain and you’ll have yet another way of showing the world how serious you are about your reds, rosés and whites.

Bloggers: There are thousands of bloggers in the world. Improve the chances of your blog showing up in the right search results with a .wine domain. Take the blog name What Katy Drinks. It’s possible the website for this blog could turn up in searches for anything from fruit juice to whiskey. Make sure there’s no mistaking your blog’s raison d’être with a .wine domain.