.ONLINE $1.49! .COM $8.99! .SITE $2.99!

Going back to basics with the .website domain

Ever wondered where the domain .com came from? It was originally created as an abbreviation for .commercial, and when the first .com web addresses went on sale in the mid-eighties, they were just meant to be used by commercial organisations. Eventually, though, the domain went on general release.

Now all sorts of websites use the domain, from charities and businesses to blogs and social media sites. The .com part no longer stands for anything in particular.

The .website domain makes things simple again. It’s the sign of online that the creators of the internet should really have started with at the beginning.

Who is the .website domain for?

In a word - everyone. But especially...

Website builders: Website building is a competitive business. And customers who want a new website usually want it now, or yesterday. That means they don’t have time to scroll through the search results comparing and contrasting the pros and cons of every company that comes up. In fact, customers often choose a supplier rudimentarily - clicking on the top search result or picking a website with a more interesting name. A .website address shows customers that you’re a key player in the website industry from the moment your business appears in the search listings. The keyword in the domain name could also mean that the algorithms are kinder to you than before.

Hosting companies: Customers expect their hosting company to be on the cutting edge of technology. They expect tomorrow’s tech today. Bagging a .website address shows clients that you’re up to date with everything that’s going on with the changing world of TLDs, and it reflects well on the rest of your business.

Anyone who wants to simplify their web address: If you couldn’t get the .com or .co.uk you really wanted, chances are you had to settle for a mutated version of your ideal web address. So your cake shop sugarjunction.com had to become sugarjunctioncakes.com. Not quite as catchy is it? A .website address levels the playing field again. There’s a good chance you’ll get your perfect web address without having to pay a ransom for it like you often have to do with .coms and .co.uks.