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Why you’d be barking mad to miss the a pet domain.

There’s no denying that the USA is a nation of pet lovers. An estimated 79 million dogs and 93 million cats are kept as pets in the country. Plus, there’s somewhere around 15 million birds and 13 million reptiles kept as companions, too.

The .pet domain acknowledges this passion and creates a whole new platform for it online.

Who should get a .pet domain?

Pet owners: Some pet owners are so proud of their animals they simply have to show them off. Twitter and Instagram are crammed with accounts belonging to pampered pets. Some of the most popular have in excess of 100,000 followers.

But why settle for social media? Get a .pet web address and add to your online offering. Use your .pet website to post additional content about your four-legged (or feathered) friend - write a blog, or post recipes or meal plans online.

Pet goods suppliers: In the 21st century pet supplies have personality. Food is no longer limited to a wholesale sized bag of dry biscuits. Now you can get doggy cupcakes, kitty caviar and animal friendly beer. Collars have gone designer, plus people are dressing their canines and felines up in costumes and holding huge birthday bashes for them. Reflect your business’s character with a .pet domain. Compared to .coms and .orgs, it’s special, which says your products are special, too.

Pet services: It’s not just owners who care for the nation’s pets. The cats, dogs, reptiles, birds and fish of the USA have an extended support network around them. Show you’re part of that network with a .pet domain. Give your website the online emblem of vets, welfare charities, insurance companies, day care centers and re-homing organizations.