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Introducing the .online domain

Americans spend years of their lives online. Time spent having a quick flick through social media, catching up on world news, and doing a spot of shopping soon adds up.

At the same time, more and more businesses are developing their online presence. The number of websites in existence in the world is ever-increasing, from blogs to eCommerce sites.

This is why the new .online domain was created. Firstly, it recognizes the important role the internet, and access to the world wide web, plays in our daily - even hourly - lives.

Secondly, it creates more space for businesses and individuals to establish themselves online. It’s a common sense domain that clearly states that you’re up and running on the internet - open for business - ready when your customers are.

Who is the .online domain suitable for?

In a word - everyone, but particularly…

Businesses who want to expand: If you don’t already have a presence on the internet a .online is a great place to start. It announces to the world that you are up and running online. If you already have a website, a .online domain can be used as a subtle marketing tool. Compared to a .com, which suggests your website is simply the online iteration of your business, a .online infers that the digital side of your business might offer something different. If you’re a shop it gives you the opportunity to sell online specials. If you’re a magazine or publishing company, it allows you to offer extra content that should encourage your customers to visit you twice - once in the real world and once in cyberspace.

Businesses who want more exposure: Building a website enables you to reach new customers online. A .online can be a great complement to your bricks and mortar business and attract different eyes.

Individuals who want to make their voices heard: .online domains make a statement. They shout about your presence on the internet. Get a .online for your blog and continue the statement with your writing, pictures or other posts.