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All about .ninja

The origin of the term ninja can be traced back to ancient Japan. Back then, ninjas were warriors - masters of espionage, infiltration, and experts at using a specific set of weapons that included kit like nunchucks, swords, darts and star-shaped blades called shuriken.

The iconic image of an ancient ninja is of a figure dressed from head to toe in black - hooded and caped. At least that’s how Hollywood has made them look in epic films like American Ninja and Mortal Kombat.

In the 21st century, the word ninja has acquired a new meaning. The term is no longer associated with physical violence, but is still a hard hitter in other ways.

It means super-skilled, champion, master of a craft.

And this is why the .ninja domain was created. It’s the .com alternative that says you’re in as much of an elite class as the original ninjas. It’s the domain that says you’ve got what it takes to kill off the opposition, only (thankfully!) in a different way to the ninjas of old world Japan.

Who is the ninja domain for?

Businesses: The .ninja domain is for companies that excel at what they do. It’s for any business that believes they outperform the competition. Hundreds of organizations have already registered for the domain. These range from specialists in plastic manufacturing to the makers of one-of-a-kind recording equipment.

Techies: If your company is part of the tech world you’ll be used to doing things before the rest of the world has even thought about doing them. Just like the ninjas of old, you’re always ahead, you move fast, and you always deliver. Reflect the way you operate with a ninja domain.

Individuals: .ninja is the domain of the talented. If you run a website that reflects or promotes your talent, get a .ninja web address. It’s ideal for everyone from personal trainers to brilliant musicians.