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Introducing the .guru domain

Gurus have existed since time immemorial. The oldest references to the term appear in ancient Hindu texts from the first millennium BC.

In those days the term meant ‘one who dispels darkness and takes towards the light’. In other words, it stood for guide, teacher or master.

The world is almost unrecognizable from the way it was when the first gurus walked the Earth, but the term itself has stood the test of time. It’s still used today to describe people and organizations at the top of their game.

That’s why the .guru domain was created. It brings the ancient word bang up to date by giving it its own space on the World Wide Web.

Who is the .guru domain for?

Experts: If you offer specialist advice and guidance as part of your business then a .guru domain is for you. It’s the web address for consultants in every field from computer technology and security systems to financial management to human resources.

Coaches: Guru is also a great word when it comes to sport. Most coaches have spent their lives mastering their craft. Whether you coach football, offer personal training, or teach yoga, chances are you’ve invested thousands of hours into your own practice. The .guru domain reflects this. It’s the web address of early starts, trips to the gym, pushing your body to the limit, and that decision you made to pass everything you've learnt on to others.

Leading businesses: If you’re a the vanguard of your industry, a .guru web address is for you. Do you offer something that no other company does? Is your company breaking new ground? Are you innovative? Do you excel in what you do? Reflect your specialisms with a .guru domain. Top graphic design, digital marketing, engineering and even music video productions companies have already signed up for the address.