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Reasons to start a .family

They say there’s no such thing as a normal family, and .family domain names hammer this point home.

.family web addresses are about uniting people, sharing common interests, and building bonds, whether you share the same blood or not.

The traditional .family

Family members no longer live next door to each other. Retirement often relocates the oldest generation to the country or the coast. New jobs move adults from city to city. Grown-up children head to distant universities to study, and family members of all ages go travelling for extended periods of time.

If you can’t get together in person, why not catch up online? Get a .family web address and interact in the ether. Build a website with a virtual family photo album, incorporate a blog to update everyone on news, and set up a calendar to replace the one that used to hang on the front of the fridge.

On the other hand, if your family is researching its ancestry, create a .family website to catalogue everything you find out. Collate old photos, archive material, and build a tree with the help of cousins, second cousins and - who knows - third cousins in other countries.

.family businesses

Whether you’re a family who runs a business or a business that caters to families, a .family web address can add an extra layer of identity to your website.

For the former, it stands for all the things family businesses are known for - reliability, hard work, and quality.

In the latter case, .family means you’re serious about putting families at the center of what you do, make or supply.

For example, you’re not just a restaurant who tolerates kids, you’re a restaurant that caters for them specifically with your kids menu and outdoor play area.

.family for tribes

Sometimes the concept of family surpasses surnames and bloodlines. Kinship comes in all forms. There’s a sense of family amongst alumni, veterans in any area, and clusters of colleagues. The .family .domain is open to anyone with a fold that welcomes others in.