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.earth - the domain that’s a world away from the rest

Planet Earth is pretty special, especially when you compare it to the other planets in the solar system.

Its atmosphere is perfectly poised to sustain and protect its life. Earth is home to somewhere in the region of nine million different species of living being: around 6.5 million on land, and 2.5 million in the ocean.

The Earth features some serious scenery too. There are landscapes across the planet that make some of George Lucas’ film sets look dishwater dull. Think of the Blue Hole in Belize, the paprika-red dunes of Namibia, and the coral reefs off the coast of Australia.

Deserts, mountain ranges, coasts and moors all work together to ensure that there’s nothing quite like Earth in the universe.

The same applies to the .earth domain. It’s one of a new breed, not least because it has multiple meanings.

The worth of .earth

For businesses, .earth is a sign of international potential or world-wide reach. It tells clients that you are or are aiming to be a global player. It’s the domain that hints at multinational offices and cross-country sales.

For good causes, .earth is the emblem of ambition. Why settle at raising awareness in your own backyard? Bring the world’s 192 other countries into your fight for change.

For environmentalists, .earth is a shared mission statement. It’s the domain that wants to eliminate pollution, combat climate change, and cut down deforestation at its roots.

For individuals, .earth is a handshake in domain form. It stands for open mindedness and open arms when it comes to interacting with other .earths.