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Introducing the .club domain name

Clubs are a deeply ingrained part of American culture. You only have to look at the Superbowl for evidence - it’s one of the biggest club sporting events in the world.

Some of Hollywood’s most critically acclaimed and legendary films have been about clubs too - think Fight Club, The Breakfast Club, and Dallas Buyers Club.

Then there are the thousands of clubs at a local level - social clubs, book clubs, scrapbooking clubs, and gardening clubs, for example.

The .club domain recognizes the role clubs play in the life of the nation and gives them a new space for expression on the internet.

Who is the .club domain for?

Sports clubs: There are countless numbers of sports clubs in the USA. There’s football, rowing, running, canoeing, tennis, golf, boxing, athletics, and yacht clubs to name a few. The .club domain is spot on for any of these associations.

Social clubs: There’s an A to Z of social and hobby clubs in the USA. They’re dedicated to everything from doing and making to collecting and learning. The population of the USA gets together to do everything from Live Action Role Play to ferret racing. .club websites are a great place to keep your members updated on the latest news and events, and to share photos and stories in order to attract new members.

Nightclubs: America is home to somewhere in the region of 64,000 nightclubs. Branding is essential to make yours stand out from the crowd, and a .club domain is a great branding tool. There’s a keyword in the domain so you can focus on getting the rest of the web address 100 percent on brand. After all, delirium.club is far more snappy and on-brand than deliriumnightclub.com.