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.cloud and proud

Cloud technology has turned the world of work completely on its head. It’s given small businesses access to technological infrastructures that they could never have afforded before, and provided bigger businesses much more secure options for sharing data across sites and even around the world. It’s given the self-employed the ability to work wherever, whenever, and with whoever. Their office can be anywhere with an internet connection - a coffee shop, a shared working space, a sofa, wherever suits best.

And that’s just the start of the story. Cloud computing has given companies of all kinds the ability to respond quickly to unexpected changes, to keep their offerings as up to date as possible, and to free up in-house IT staff so they can focus on innovation.

Cloud technology has had its impact on personal lives, too. It’s provided a virtual vault for precious photographs, and a place to store music that’s accessible anywhere – like having their favorite DJ in their pocket.

Who’s the .cloud domain for?

The .cloud domain name recognizes all of the above, and shouts about it. It’s the ideal domain for cloud service providers, cloud technology consultants, IT pros with specific cloud skills, and anyone involved in teaching the world about cloud technology.

It shows your customers that you’re serious from the start: that you’re a specialist, dedicated to sharing the benefits of cloud computing with the world, and that you’re .cloud and proud.