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  • Search Engine Submission
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Buy Now Risk free with our 30-day guarantee
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  • Report via email
  • Alerts
  • Site performance report
  • Plan of Action

Meet Our Website
SEO Analysis Guru

SEO (search engine optimization) are the magic words when it comes to getting your website found online. Without being prominent in search engine rankings, how will potential new customers find out about your business? With billions of people browsing the web every day and new algorithms being applied to the major search engines periodically, how can you afford to miss out of this very lucrative pie? Creating an up-to-date SEO-optimized website is a key factor for your business’s success.

The main aim is to get your website to rank in the top search results on Google, Bing and more. SEO is a science in itself, and our WestHost SEO Guru can tell you exactly how well your site is performing and how to improve your SEO:

Our SEO Checker will perform a complete website SEO analysis for your business. This SEO audit will tell you exactly what state your website is in from a Search Engine perspective. This can include information such as external backlinks, broken internal links, important headings and tags that the search engine digital crawlers read when analyzing websites. Once you know how well your site is performing from a SEO perspective, you are ready for the Guru himself.

Our WestHost Website SEO Guru will provide you with simple step-by-step guidelines to improve your SEO, tune up your on page content and boost your social media presence. It is the simple online marketing tool that will help your business climb search rankings, which will increase your website's traffic and get you more leads. All of this means more business for you. Furthermore, to get an intimate idea of your market, it will even provide details of how your competitors are doing as well.

With our SEO Guru there is no need for additional expensive SEO services. Here are the benefits of signing up today: automatic submission of your website, periodic website scans, website reports, improvement guides, insightful analytics, keywords tool, alerts, social media analysis and search engine updates.

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How Website SEO Guru
Works In 3 Easy Steps



Step 1

We delve into your website to provide you with a detailed report on how you’re doing with SEO.

Suggested Website

Step 2

Based on the report we’ll suggest changes to be made to your website, and give you simple guides on how to make these changes.


Step 3

We’ll keep an eye on your performance and how it changes; you can watch your website climb the rankings!

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Website SEO
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